Looking for Surrogate Mother – How to find in Canada?

At Canadian Fertility Consultants, we help different kind of couples  who are willing to start their family.  We assist couples in almost all kinds of complex surrogacy process. We make aware them with all facts and complications of the treatment and then offer them the best possible solution.

One of the first thing we have to do for them is, find a surrogate mother who meets all standard criteria of physical and psychological and emotional.Surrogacy

As surrogate mother is equally involved in such treatments, we clear all the thing from the beginning that they have to undergo a number of tests, medical visits and background check. We treat every team member of surrogacy with equal amount of respect and sensitivity.

We help to find a Surrogate Mother you can trust

Well, it is possible to find a surrogate mother without the use of a surrogacy agency. But, it is quite difficult to trust them.  Some people ask their friends or relatives to be a surrogate for them. But it is still controversial.

Alternate way is to join networking groups, surrogacy site and social media. These all sources can connect you to the available surrogate mother. Connect with them, hear their sorties and then make a decision.

So, the Canadian Fertility Consultants is the better option. Being an intended parent, everyone wants to make sure that surrogate mother who works with them is coming from good backgrounds, capable to carry a baby for someone else. Some parents prefer educated surrogate mother for their baby. So we look up all criteria and the needs of parents and according to them, we make a proper search of surrogate mother.

We help parents to find a suitable surrogate, connect them, makes an arrangement and make a transparent communication between parents and surrogate mother.  We make sure that the surrogate mother we choose for couples is potential surrogate. Because she is someone who will be working with you closely for the next nine months.

We at the  Canadian Fertility Consultants, are here to guide you for every step on the way to build a family. To find a surrogate mother or for more information about surrogacy, please visit our online source, fertilityconsultants.ca.


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