What is surrogacy and how much surrogate mother cost in Canada?

surrogate mother in canada

Becoming a surrogate mother means giving up 10 months of your life to become pregnant, labor, pain and delivery, then give birth the baby who is a child of another. In short, giving a chance to become parents and blessing them with a baby.

Fertility Consultants is an on-line source of consulting services in Canada and they spotlight on some important issues related to surrogacy. We are trying to change some old myth on surrogacy.

What you mean by Surrogacy?

According to Fertility Consultants, surrogacy is when another woman carries and give birth to a child for you and the women who agrees to carry your baby is called surrogate mother. It is a community that came together to help people become great parents. It is most possible option for adoption.

In fact, it is quite emotional and complex arrangement for infertile couples. Well, Surrogacy is still in controversy, but from our eyes it is a blessing for those parents who are desperately willing to be a parent.

How to find out surrogate Mother?

In many cases, family member and friends support them and offers to be a surrogate for them. This can reduce costs, but it is difficult to figure out that a woman is in a position to become a surrogate. And doing so in somewhat controversial, so most people find out through other means.

Alternate is the surrogate agency that will match intended parents to surrogates, what we are doing. Being a consultant, Fertility Consultants suggest to research on the agency’s history while choosing an agency.

Some parents choose to search surrogate independently. Without and consultants and advice, make trust on one unknown person is quite risky. A clear contract can prevent many potential conflicts during the process. But still parents should research on the surrogate’s history to make sure that there is no cause for concern.

How much surrogate mother cost in Canada?

Generally, most surrogate mother does not charge a flat fee, but they do charge administrative for the parents. This cover surrogate fees, private health insurance, clothing allowance and other additional charges like food, medicines and meetings.

Some programs need psychological consulting. These sessions may cost extra. There are some cases where a surrogate misses work and thus, she loses her salary. Hence, they have to be compensated.

Well, traditional surrogacy is cheaper than IVF. But the approximate cost is between $80,000 to $1,00,000. Some surrogate accepts lower fees. The special medical loan is available up to the $30,000.

If you are not able to have a child by yourself, then surrogacy is a great option. If you want to know more about surrogacy and surrogate mother cost in Canada, then go through Fertility Consultants. We are leading online consultants for fertility in Canada. We will assist you with the best possible guidance and services on to build your family.


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